I want to ski/ride Mangaweka Heli Park, what should I do now?
Register your interest with us. Mt Mangaweka Heli Park operates between June and September when the weather and snow conditions align. We estimate to have approximately 10 to 15 fly days this upcoming winter season. We have limited spaces available on each trip. We will alert our database when we are ready and then we will operate on a first in first served basis. Like us on Facebook for regular updates through out the winter or check back to view the weather forecast.

When is it possible to go Heli skiing?
Between June and September when snow and weather conditions are suitable.

What skill level is required?
You will need to be a good intermediate to advanced ski or snowboarder to enjoy Mt Mangaweka Heli Park.

How does the day operate?
See Packages and Rates for more information on what to expect on a typical day at Mt Mangaweka Heli Park.

What does it cost?
See Packages and Rates

What about safety?
Mt Mangaweka Heli Park is Department of Conservation approved and complies with all legislation required to ensure safety. Experienced, highly trained guides will accompany you and all safety equipment is provided by Mt Mangaweka Heli Park. For more information see Safety.

What is the terrain like?
See Terrain

What altitude will we get to?
The highest altitude is the peak of Mt Mangaweka at 1740m above ski level. The Hikurangi Range, which makes up part of the Ruahine State Forest Park, is the highest range in the North Island.

What is the snow like?
Snow is variable and unique to the day. We ski when the conditions are great so the snow is generally a south west/ southerly fall.

How many runs are available?
There are approximately 10 runs on an average day when conditions are right.

How long are the runs?
Runs are generally a 350-metre vertical drop give or take. This experience is all about vertical drop! Over the course of an average day you can expect an experience of approximately 3500 metres!

What do I need to bring?
Everything you would take skiing! This is backcountry skiing so you need to be well prepared, weatherproof outerwear, quality layers/thermals, gloves, hat, goggles, boots and your hardware. Don’t forget your camera!

Do I need powder/fat skis? Where can I hire some?
It will depend on the day. However it is highly likely your regular ski and snowboard equipment will be suitable. If you do want to hire powder/fat skis there are a number of rental outlets in Ohakune including The Ski Shed, Snowcentre, and TCB who will be able to help you out.

How do I get to Mt Mangaweka Heli Park?
See Location.